UFV presents talk on the finite resources of the earth

Are there limits to growth? Is humankind’s endless drive to continually expand going to hit a wall? Dr. Pat Walden, a scientist researcher associated with the TRIUMF centre at the University of British Columbia will visit the University of the Fraser Valley this week to address this topic. Walden will speak in the main lecture […]

Indigenizing our Academy: Voices from the Inside Out

An event highlighting different ways to incorporate indigenization into the classroom was held on Thurs,Feb 2 at UFV in Abbotsford. Indigenizing our Academy: Voices from the Inside Out took place on Thursday. The all-day event was an opportunity to discuss, share ideas and learn about indigenization. “An event like this is important for many reasons,” […]

No fooling UFV’s Davida Kidd on the value of art

The University Lecture Series recently hosted by UFV’s Davida Kidd was highlighted by the Chilliwack Times. The article appeared online on Tuesday, Jan 31. A Vancouver billboard questioning the social value of art inspired Davida Kidd to dive into her latest project. “Who Needs Art When You Have a View Like This!” was the influential […]

UFV Cascades featured in The Province

The Province recently highlighted an upcoming match between the UFV Cascades men’s basketball team  and the UBC Thunderbirds. Friesen, Cascades help make Abbotsford the centre of the CIS hoops world this weekend By Howard Tsumura This weekend, Abbotsford is the centre of the Canadian university basketball world. Let that roll off the tongue a few […]

Chilliwack’s new campus at the Canada Education Park

Chilliwack’s new campus at the Canada Education Park is set to open in May 2012. UFV Today bloggers were lucky enough to receive a tour recently so we could share an update with the rest of the UFV community. Check out our video and pictures.

UFV launches Data Analysis post-degree certificate

Have you ever wanted to work for Facebook, Twitter or Google? UFV is offering a new program to help students achieve that goal. Starting this fall, the Data Analysis post-degree certificate will provide students with a unique edge when entering the job market. The program will help students make sense of data — a skill […]