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Mission campus to host new Centre of Excellence for Children, Youth, and Families

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and the City of Mission are very pleased to announce that the UFV Mission campus at Heritage Park Centre will become a new Centre of Excellence for Children, Youth, and Families. The Centre will host a mixture of academic programming, research, scholarly activity, and outreach programs relating to […]

Kin student learns that there’s more to research than looking through a microscope

Research is just looking through a microscope, right? Katrina Frankenberger, a fourth-year kinesiology student with an extended minor in psychology, fell prey to this misconception when her first research opportunity presented itself. “I always thought of research as looking at something through a microscope. I now know that is really narrow-minded but it’s what we […]

South Asian Studies Institute receives Heritage Defender award

UFV’s South Asian Studies Institute (SASI) has been recognized for its contribution to heritage preservation in British Columbia. SASI received the Heritage Defender award on October 15 at the 11th annual Darpan Extraordinary Achievement Awards. Satwinder Bains, director of SASI, accepted the award on behalf of SASI and the university. “The Heritage Defender award recognizes […]

Local locks sheared in support of Indigenous language scholarship

We’ve all heard of COVID hair. A certain segment of the population saw the pandemic as an opportunity to unleash their 1980s hair-band or 1970s prog-rock look as people worked from home and were reluctant to venture out to the hairdresser or barber shop. Now as people gradually return to the office, some come with […]

Field research brought landscape to life for Travis Gingerich

For alumnus Travis Gingerich, his undergraduate research experiences were as much about the journey as the result. “Field-based research provided me with the chance to experience so many landscapes and remote locations that would otherwise be very difficult to get to. Once there, you get to know them on a much more intimate level than […]

Skookum magazine 2021 — Keeping In Touch — extended version

The Keeping in Touch section of UFV’s Skookum magazine features brief updates from a variety of alumni. We couldn’t fit every submission into this year’s print edition, so here’s an extended online version. Sheetal Deo (BA ’11) When Sheetal Deo (BA ’11) felt the call to become a lawyer after graduating from UFV, she headed […]

Pen Pal program connects generations during the pandemic

Adrienne gets nostalgic when she thinks about the power of the written letter. Before the world was connected 24/7 through email and social media, there was a feeling of excitement she would get when a letter would arrive in the mail from a far away friend or family member. Whether it was from her grandmother […]

Renewal of the EFMD accreditation strengthens reputation of UFV School of Business

Students are not the only ones being evaluated and constantly pushed to excel. University programs that want to provide an elite academic experience for their students and seek accreditation by internationally recognized organizations must not only meet a certain high standard, but must also prove continual growth and improvement. Case in point: the UFV School […]