Bria Canil makes counterwaves against COVID-19

Bria Canil is fighting COVID-19 head on as she administers vaccines in BC.

After graduating from UFV in August 2020 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bria was hired immediately with the Stó:lō Nation on a casual basis. A couple months later, in December, Bria accepted her dream job with Langley Public Health.

“I knew going into nursing that I wanted to pursue a career in public health,” she shares. “It’s just such a good environment. I always pictured myself doing this kind of work.”

Bria Canil sits in front of her desk at Langley Public Health

Now, her daily tasks include working closely with the school district to review student records and complete contact tracing for those exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Once the vaccines began to be delivered, Bria has assumed the role of COVID Immunization Site Lead and spends her days immunizing those in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and shelters.

“It’s an exciting time because we’re making history,” she explains.

She normally specializes in prenatal care, and much of her regular job is immunizing young babies. Ultimately, these skills are exactly what has allowed her to transition seamlessly into the fight against the pandemic and deliver dozens of vaccines daily.

“I would not be where I am today without the help of all the amazing teachers and practicum coordinators at UFV,” she states. “It was a great journey from start to finish, and I recommend the BSN program to anyone whom I come across.”

Bria’s time in the BSN program was very hands-on (an approach to nursing education that UFV is known for). She loved that each semester offered a practicum in a new and different area, and that she still had summers off to work as an LPN and make money to pay for her education.

She worked with the practicum coordinators to ensure that she got the skills and training needed for her dream job.

As Bria’s story is just getting started, she offers advice to any students who are currently studying nursing: “Just keep going. Take it one day at a time and it’ll all be worth it. There is light at the end of the tunnel,” she promises.

6 thoughts on “Bria Canil makes counterwaves against COVID-19”

  1. AMAZING!!! Bria is one of my best friends and she has always cared about others first. She has a heart of gold and is PERFECT for the role she leads. LOVE YOU BRIA! Keep saving lives.

  2. Bria Canil is an amazing person. I am so proud of who she is and all she has accomplished. People that are fortunate enough to meet her, immediately sense her good heart, her compassion and her free spirit. I have no doubt that where ever she goes in life, she will be successful and have a positive impact.

  3. So proud of you Bria, you have set a wonderful standard for young women today, You have worked very hard to accomplish your goals. Your loving compassionate personality is perfect for the role you are now in, everyone you deal with will be extremely lucky to have you beside them.

  4. Bria has always had a good head on her shoulder since she was young. Always striving to better herself. She will do well in health care with her compassionate characteristics.

  5. I know this woman!! Shes a stellar human being with a big heart!! Congratulations Bria!! Shoot for the stars!!

  6. I am so proud of you Bria. You are an amazing young woman with such compassion and drive to help others. Keep up the good work Bria❤️

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