Brandenburg new kinesiology department head at UFV

Dr. Jason Brandenburg has been appointed department head of kinesiology at UFV.

Brandenburg is an associate professor in the kinesiology department. He previously held a faculty position in kinesiology at Northern Illinois University before coming to UFV in 2007.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with the role of department head,” notes Brandenburg. “With the shift of ICBC coverage for kinesiology services in BC, it is an exciting time for kinesiology as a discipline. I plan to work towards increasing our visibility in the community and beyond.”

Brandenburg earned an undergraduate degree in physical education from the University of Alberta, and a master’s degree and a doctorate in kinesiology from the University of Victoria.

He has served as a member of the Faculty Standards Committee of Senate and the UFV kinesiology department review committee. Brandenburg has also served as a coordinator for the UFV kinesiology lab for 3 years.

“Dr. Brandenburg has been an exemplary faculty member in kinesiology,” says Dr. Alastair Hodges, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. “He has built a reputation as an excellent teacher, a researcher who provides valuable opportunities for students to engage in the experiential learning of lab-based research, and he is a committed and collegial citizen in his service work at UFV. I have every confidence that Jason will be an excellent department head, and I very much look forward to working with him in this role.”

Brandenburg is an active researcher at UFV. His current work explores the impact of antioxidant supplementation on endurance and performance in sport. He specializes in the connection between physiological stress, performance, and hydration of athletes. He incorporates his research into his teaching of exercise and human physiology, and exercise testing and prescription.

His work at UFV has provided research opportunities for undergraduate students in kinesiology. Brandenburg has also played a valuable role in the development and delivery of fitness and health assessment for the Chilliwack Fire Department that resulted in experiential learning opportunities for students and alumni at UFV.

Prior to joining UFV, Brandenburg worked as a consultant with professional and amateur athletes. His experience has included employment with the Canadian women’s national basketball team as a physiological consultant leading up to the London Olympics and providing rehab services for free style skiers. He has also provided his services to the Chilliwack Bruins hockey team and the New York Rangers as a conditioning coach.

With rock climbing making it’s debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Brandenburg has recently started sharing his expertise of recovery and performance with high-level developmental rock climbing teams.

Brandenburg incorporates health and exercise into his everyday activities. When he is not teaching or doing research, Brandenburg is likely to be found cooking, rock climbing, or trail running. He enjoys the outdoors and staying physically active with his partner Leuisa and their two pups, Marnie and Rudy.