After the Flood: Community Response & Recovery

Cover for the report "After the Flood: Community Response and Recovery" which shows an aerial photo of brownish floodwaters covering land in Abbotsford, with a mountain in the distance.

The Community Health and Social Innovation Hub (CHASI), in partnership with Archway Community Services, is pleased to present “After the Flood: Community Response and Recovery.” Using the diverse experiences of community members, the report discusses some of the key challenges people faced during and after the flood. Additionally, the report provides recommendations to strengthen the … Read more

CHASIcast: Dr. Sarah Beaulieu part 2 — making research meaningful

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu sits in the CIVL Radio studio with a microphone in front of her. Behind her, a window looks out at the UFV Abbotsford Student Union Building Atrium, with flags visible hanging from the ceiling above. A quote from Dr. Beaulieu reads: “For me it's really important that we are upholding and raising these oral traditions and these stories. It's important that the protocols, these traditions, are upheld, and are held equally to the science — the science that we're using behind GPR.”

We’re honoured to welcome Dr. Sarah Beaulieu back to the CHASIcast! As a conflict anthropologist, UFV professor, and CHASI faculty associate, Dr. Beaulieu’s work spans from the classroom to archaeological sites, with a focus on former internment camps and working with First Nations groups. In this episode, Dr. Beaulieu explains her work with ground-penetrating radar … Read more

Surviving and Thriving in a COVID-19 Remote Learning Context: A Survey of Post-Secondary Students and Instructors in Ontario

Photo of a young person sitting at their open laptop, studying a book with a pen resting on their keyboard.

CHASI Faculty Associate Dr. Karun Karki recently completed a report on remote learning in Ontario during COVID-19, which was funded by eCampusOnatio, and has generously agreed to share the widely applicable findings with us. His co-authors for the report are Anna Markov, MSW; Rachel Yavnai, MSW; Ginette Lafrenière, MA, MSW, PhD; and Michael Woodford, MSW, … Read more

Report: UFV student experiences of COVID-19

Cover of report reading "UFV Student Experiences with Travel, Health and COVID-19"

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Dr. Cindy Jardine, in partnership with CHASI and UFV’s South Asian Studies Institute, has released a report titled “UFV COVID-19 Student Experiences with Travel, Health, and COVID-19.” The report summarizes the responses given by nearly 1,500 UFV students who participated in a survey issued in April 2020, at the outset … Read more