Report: UFV student experiences of COVID-19

Cover of report reading "UFV Student Experiences with Travel, Health and COVID-19"Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Dr. Cindy Jardine, in partnership with CHASI and UFV’s South Asian Studies Institute, has released a report titled “UFV COVID-19 Student Experiences with Travel, Health, and COVID-19.” The report summarizes the responses given by nearly 1,500 UFV students who participated in a survey issued in April 2020, at the outset of the pandemic.

Some of the key findings indicate:

  • Students demonstrated high awareness of COVID-19 symptoms and protective strategies, as known/recommended at the time of the survey
  • Most students get their COVID-19 information from the Internet, TV and social media
  • Students’ overall vaccination rates for recommended diseases ranged from 60% (e.g. seasonal influenza) to 75% (measles)

The full report is available in the PDF below. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to lead researcher Dr. Cindy Jardine at:

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