CHASIcast 12: Chelsea Klassen on the academic folklore of Taylor Swift

Photo showing Chelsea Klassen and Dr. Martha Dow speaking into microphones. A quote attributed to Chelsea reads: “Looking at celebrity and controversy, how do we conceptualise the controversy that happened with the VMAs? How do we understand heroes and villains in popular culture? How do we talk about race?” End of quote. Beneath, Chelsea’s titles are listed as “Lead Researcher, Community Health and Social Innovation Hub” and “Sessional Instructor, School of Social Justice and Global Stewardship.”

The new year brings something sweeter than fiction, as the CHASIcast examines the surprisingly academic folklore hidden behind a pop culture juggernaut. Join host Dr. Martha Dow and CHASI’s lead researcher Chelsea Klassen as they tackle the sociological and psychological facets of Taylor Swift’s work, and how her fearless advocacy and engaging relationship with her … Read more

CHASIcast: Fatema D. Ahmadi on women’s rights in Afghanistan

Photo of a laptop Fatema D. Ahmadi on a Zoom video call, taken from over the shoulder of Chelsea Klassen, who is looking at the laptop. A quote reads: "“You cannot just come and cut us and say, ‘okay, these people — with their idea of human rights, with the idea of democracy — we cut them, now there is nothing, so they are removed, so we can just do whatever we want’ ... We have a root there. We have strong roots that just start flourishing one day. And these are the everyday efforts of different people, different groups. I think it’s watering those roots ‘til just one day they come up and they show resistance.” — Fatema D. Ahmadi, Fellow and Adjunct Professor at American University, School of Public Affairs"

As part of CHASI’s ongoing series on the current realities of life in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, we are honoured to welcome Fatema D. Ahmadi to the CHASIcast. Ahmadi is a Fellow and Adjunct Professor at American University, School of Public Affairs in Washington, DC, and is dedicated to advocating for human rights, particularly women’s … Read more

UFV Walk-out in support of Afghan women

Group photo of several dozen people, many holding signs in support of the women of Afghanistan. They are lined up to pose for a photo.

To mark two years since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, CHASI and members of the Afghan community staged a university walk-out. The focus was on supporting Afghan women, who have been banned from attending high school since September 2021 and university since December 2022. Afghan activist Sahar Maqsoodi joined the event, sharing the realities of … Read more