CHASI marks International Women’s Day 2023

Illustration of five women of varying races, ages, and body types, each holding their hand up forming an American Sign Language letter, spelling the word "women."

Today is International Women’s Day! Our artist, Sharon Strauss, marked the occasion with this beautiful illustration. CHASI takes pride in being a women-led and directed centre at UFV. We hope everyone can take some time today to celebrate women! Here are some ideas: Something to read: Check out this article which includes interviews with members … Read more

Valuable reading for the Transgender Day of Visibility

Illustration of cartoon figures crowded around a central figure, discussing and trying to assign gender to them.

March 31 marks the International Transgender Day of Visibility, and the CHASI team would like to reiterate our wholehearted support and celebration of our trans friends, family, and colleagues. We also urge cisgender individuals to invest some time today listening to trans voices, and to take the initiative of educating yourself on ways to support … Read more

Marking Human Rights Day with a look back at 2021

A collage of artwork by Celina Koops from throughout 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, UFV’s Community Health and Social Innovation Hub (CHASI) is observing Human Rights Day with a look at the past year. A year ago we were all working remotely, and the timeline for mass vaccination still uncertain. Facing such an unusual year, we decided to focus some of our attention … Read more

The necessity of support: Transgender Awareness Week

Three gender-diverse people dressed in colourful clothing share a warm and joyful hug.

The week of November 13 – 19 marks the annual Transgender Awareness Week, which is followed by the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20. We at CHASI firmly stand with our transgender colleagues, family, and friends, and want to use this opportunity to restate the importance of loudly, visibly supporting transgender people in all … Read more

International Pronoun Day

Quote from Dr. Evan T. Taylor reading "using people’s preferred pronouns creates environments where our students, colleagues, patients, customers, and employees can be themselves and trust that who they are and how they identify is welcome and respected." A faint background shows university students in a classroom.

This guest post for International Pronouns Day was generously provided by CHASI Faculty Associate Dr. Evan T. Taylor from UFV’s School of Social Work & Human Services.  October 20th is International Pronouns Day – a day started in 2018 by an organization of grassroots volunteers and taking place on the 3rd Wednesday of each October.   … Read more

Mental Health on Dark Days

Illustration of a friend reaching out to embrace the viewer while wearing cozy winter clothes.

Seasonal depression is in full swing for many people this fall semester. Summer has now gone, the days are shorter, and the clouds are darker. The workload of a busy semester piles up, and we return to classrooms and offices. All during a pandemic. It’s a lot to process. This post is our virtual hug … Read more

Addressing the challenges of food insecurity

Illustration by Celina Koops of a series of pipes labelled "income" feed money into three bowls. The bowls are labelled "rent," "bills," and "food." While "rent" and "bills" are full of coins, there is no money left to fill the "food" bowl.

In acknowledgment of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste Reduction, CHASI Lead Researcher Larissa Kowalski shares her insight into the field of food insecurity, a significant issue in the Fraser Valley and for university students. COVID-19 has led to severe and widespread increases in global food insecurity (World Bank, 2021; Statistics … Read more

Striving for safe and respectful childbirth

Illustration by Celina Koops of a mother holding her baby while wearing a mask. Both of them are symbolically being held and supported by embracing arms.

September 17 marks World Patient Safety Day, a day which “calls for global solidarity and concerted action by all countries and international partners to improve patient safety.” This year, the theme is safe maternal and newborn care — an essential conversation, as the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 6,700 newborns die every day, while 810 … Read more

Labour Day in Canada

Illustration by Celina Koops of workers in clothes indicating different professions: a healthcare worker, a person in a suit, and a construction worker.

Canadians are about to enjoy the Labour Day long weekend with an extra day off as the unofficial end of summer and start of the new school year. But for such a major weekend of vacations and gatherings (in normal years, at least), how often do we really consider the name and origins of Labour … Read more