Dr. Sarah Beaulieu receives tenure-track appointment

The entire CHASI team offers our wholehearted congratulations to Dr. Sarah Beaulieu on her well-deserved tenure-track appointment to the School of Culture, Media and Society. As an anthropologist with a research focus in modern conflict anthropology, Dr. Beaulieu’s work is key to understanding facets of Canadian history that have remained in the shadows for too … Read more

Impact of COVID-19 on Post-Secondary Students: A Systematic Review of Institutional Reports

Screenshot of a digital infographic titled “Thematic Analysis”. The infographic shows stats on the reports compiled, coming from 58 schools, 170,616 students, 31 institutions, and 21 months. Categorical breakdowns show there is information included on health and wellness, academic achievement, student life, and faculty and university.

In partnership with the British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT), CHASI recently launched an interactive dashboard to share the results of a national project assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on post-secondary students. The analysis includes a repository of publicly available COVID-19 student impact reports, a cross-national literature review, thematic analysis of … Read more

Channeling Youth Voices panel at SFU’s HORIZONS Conference

On Friday, May 27, Channeling Youth Voices, a year-long participatory research collaboration between CHASI researchers and Chilliwack youth, presented as part of a roundtable in the Community Engaged Research Initiative’s HORIZONS conference at SFU, hosting a documentary screening and panel discussion on their work over the last year and a half. The panel consisted of … Read more

CHASI student experiences

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CHASI works with a number of student research assistants and interns, each of whom serves a key role in CHASI’s mission to support the social, mental, emotional, physical, and economic health of those living in our communities. Here’s what some of our student coworkers have shared about their experiences. Ekaterina Marenkov — Research Assistant “I … Read more

Chilliwack youth share their stories in collaboration with CHASI

Photos young people watching a documentary, talking, listening, and enjoying a meal together.

This week, Channeling Youth Voices, a year-long participatory research collaboration between CHASI researchers and Chilliwack youth, hosted a celebratory thank-you dinner for all the youth involved in the project. The event was put on at the Chilliwack Cyrus Centre by youth, for youth, and featured a documentary co-created by eight Chilliwack youth and CHASI’s Greg … Read more

CHASI in the news

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CHASI’s research and researchers have been covered by local outlets and some of the biggest news organizations in the world. To narrow down the list, you can click on the column headings and sort or filter by specific topics or criteria.

An Exciting Future for Celina Koops

Photo of Celina Koops

Today is a bittersweet day at CHASI as our wonderful graphic design/illustration intern Celina Koops leaves to begin a new career with Indigenous Youth Wellness. For more than a year, Celina has been an integral part of not just the CHASI team, but also of CHASI’s identity. After creating dozens of illustrations, animations, and graphics, … Read more