CHASIcast: Dr. Sarah Beaulieu’s conflict anthropology resurfaces Canada’s buried past

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu sits in the CIVL Radio studio with a microphone in front of her. Behind her, a window looks out at the UFV Abbotsford Student Union Building Atrium, with flags visible hanging from the ceiling above. A quote from Dr. Beaulieu reads: “You are working with disenfranchised communities, marginalized communities, and giving voice to those communities who have essentially been forgotten about ... bringing to light a part of history that we are no longer talking about. And we can’t learn from our mistakes unless we talk about it and make amends for it.”

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu, a conflict anthropologist, UFV professor, and CHASI faculty associate, joins us on the latest episode of the CHASIcast. Her work spans from the classroom to archaeological sites, with a focus on former internment camps and working with First Nations groups. In this episode, Dr. Beaulieu discusses how she found a passion for … Read more

CHASIcast: Dr. Shelley Canning discusses Canada’s aging population, nursing, and her dream course

Dr. Shelley Canning sits on a couch in a radio studio opposite Dr. Martha Dow. They speak into microphones, with a glowing orange “on air” sign on the wall above Dr. Canning. A quote superimposed on the lower third of the image reads: “I think we lost our way. So we lost our focus, and we lost our place at the bedside, and we lost our passion for that hands on nurse. Nurses, we do bodily care, we work with our hands, and there’s great pride, I think, in doing that. But we kind of turned away from that work. And what I think the last couple of years of COVID has shown us is that that work is what’s needed.” The quote is attributed to Dr. Shelley Canning.

After a brief hiatus, the CHASIcast returns with Dr. Shelley Canning. As an associate professor in nursing, director of the Centre for Education and Research on Aging (CERA), member of UFV’s Board of Governors, and a CHASI Faculty Associate, Dr. Canning brings considerable knowledge to our podcast. Dr. Canning’s efforts recently contributed to UFV becoming … Read more

CHASIcast: Esther Jiménez Atochero on making a difference in a messy world

On our latest episode of the CHASIcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with a critical member of the CHASI team: our very own Esther Jiménez Atochero. Esther is CHASI’s senior research assistant, a role that sees her heavily involved in everything from the day-to-day operation of the Hub to our biggest research projects. In … Read more

Dr. Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra advocates spaces of belonging on the CHASIcast

Photo of Dr. Sandhra speaking into a professional microphone in the CIVL Radio studies.

The CHASIcast is back! Continuing on our trend of speaking to great friends and colleagues of CHASI, like Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, we turn this time to Dr. Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra. Dr. Sandhra has been the coordinator for UFV’s South Asian Studies Institute for over a decade, is the co-curator at the Sikh Heritage Museum, co-chair … Read more

The CHASIcast

Based out of the University of the Fraser Valley on the unceded traditional lands of the Sto:lo people, we are the Community Health and Social Innovation Hub, or CHASI for short. We support the social, mental, emotional, physical, and economic health of those living in our communities by bringing together experts from across disciplines. Those … Read more

CHASI’s first podcast shares the wisdom of Dr. Jacqueline Nolte

Photo of a studio with professional recording equipment. The focus is on a laptop showing Dr. Jacqueline Nolte on a Zoom call, while in the foreground, Dr. Martha Dow speaks into a microphone.

The Community Health and Social Innovation Hub (CHASI) is thrilled to share the first episode of our new podcast: the CHASIcast, a monthly program where we drill down on a current topic and chat about how it impacts our lives.   Our debut episode features an interview with Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, who recently stepped down from … Read more