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The CHASI team includes experts in a wide range of academic disciplines under our wide umbrella of community health and social innovation. Below you’ll find a listing of some of our knowledgeable researchers, their areas of expertise, and an email where you can reach them. Dr. Satwinder Bains Email: Expertise: Race, racism and ethnicity … Read more

Dr. Karun Karki publishes work on student perceptions of Social Work roles

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CHASI Faculty Associate Dr. Karun Karki is the co-author of an article published this week in the Journal of Social Work Education. MSW Students’ Perception of the Professional Identity of the Social Work Practitioner and the Social Work Researcher: Considerations for Educators explores how social work students conceptualize differences between social work practitioners and researchers, … Read more

Surviving and Thriving in a COVID-19 Remote Learning Context: A Survey of Post-Secondary Students and Instructors in Ontario

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CHASI Faculty Associate Dr. Karun Karki recently completed a report on remote learning in Ontario during COVID-19, which was funded by eCampusOnatio, and has generously agreed to share the widely applicable findings with us. His co-authors for the report are Anna Markov, MSW; Rachel Yavnai, MSW; Ginette Lafrenière, MA, MSW, PhD; and Michael Woodford, MSW, … Read more