CHASI’s experts

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The CHASI team includes experts in a wide range of academic disciplines under our wide umbrella of community health and social innovation. Below you’ll find a listing of some of our knowledgeable researchers, their areas of expertise, and an email where you can reach them. Dr. Satwinder Bains Email: Expertise: Race, racism and ethnicity … Read more

International Day of the African Child

For the International Day of the African Child, CHASI is pleased to welcome Dr. Cherie Enns, UFV student Jacqueline Fanta, and UFV alum Njavwa Mukwavi to share the history of the day and their own reflections. Dr. Cherie Enns My name is Dr. Cherie Enns, and I teach in both Global Development Studies and the … Read more

CHASI Faculty Associates

Photos of some of CHASI's research associates in a collage.

The Community Health and Social Innovation (CHASI) Hub is privileged to work with the following UFV faculty members Dr. Satwinder Kaur Bains Dr. Sarah Beaulieu Dr. Shelley Canning Dr. Keith Thor Carlson Dr. Cherie Enns Dr. Luisa Giles Dr. Geetanjali Gill Dr. Sharon Gillies Dr. Lesley Jessiman Dr. Karun Karki Dr. Kathy Keiver Dr. Iris … Read more