Equality Day Observation and Celebration at SASI

On April 26th, the SASI was honoured to observe and celebrate Equality Day as part of the 2023 Dr. Ambedkar International Symposium on Emancipation and Equality Day Vancouver. This was the 20th year for the week-long International Dalit Conference held in Vancouver since 2003. In May 2023, people collected at a forum for academics and … Read more

Voices from a Smouldering Underground – Panel & Dialoque

By Satwinder Kaur Bains SASI hosted an afternoon panel and dialogue on the critically important topic of caste and anti-casteism as a relevant issue in the diaspora. The issue of caste discrimination has received critical attention at post secondary institutions in the US in the recent past and has become an area of discrimination recognized … Read more

Casteless Me – Shauna Singh Baldwin

About 30 years ago, during a home renovation, several workmen used our guest toilet. When they left, I could not bring myself to clean it. I stood in my guest bathroom, tears welling, throat constricting, self-pity rising. And I was shocked at myself. As a Sikh, I’m not supposed to have a caste, leave alone … Read more

My Relationship with Caste is Complex

Please note – this story was originally featured as part of the Museum of Surrey’s “Being Punjabi” exhibit. My relationship with caste is complex. Anita Lal Pride. I come from a pioneer family. Our Baapuji, Maiya Ram Mahmi (Maternal Great-Grandfather) was one of the first Chamaar’s (“untouchable”) to come to Canada in 1906. My family’s … Read more

Caste and South Asian Canadian Youth – The Real Lived Experience

The SASI is pleased to present a ‘Caste Matters’ blog from guest writer Deepi Dolla. Deepi is a former SASI research assistant and UFV alumni. She graduated with her Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan with her dissertation titled: “CASTE AND VIEWS TOWARD MARRIAGE AMONG TWO SIKH GENERATIONS IN GREATER VANCOUVER, CANADA.” This blog, as part of the SASI’s commitment to anti-caste work, is available on our website: https://www.southasiancanadianheritage.ca/caste-matters-2/.

Read moreCaste and South Asian Canadian Youth – The Real Lived Experience

The Hemisphere of Caste

The hemisphere of caste is a multi-layered, multi-fold inter-woven tapestry which we tuck away in a filthy suitcase trying not to open in public domains as it feels like a tumor under the skin. We project the conversation of caste as a tough topic to discuss which often ends up leading into heated discussions and … Read more

The Reckoning of Caste in the Diaspora

My father’s blood is mine, his story beats inside me……Jayli Wolf’s song – Child of the Government https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5gqZV7OsCM&t=33s My grandfather was taken away and put in residential schools when he was a kid. He was taught to forget his native language, his heritage, his culture and even his own name. He refused to speak about … Read more