Visual Appeal

Padlet is a great tool for any course

Tired of discussion forums? Looking for asynchronous interactions that are more visual and interactive?


Maybe it is time for you to consider introducing Padlet into your courses. Discussion forums are presented to students in a linear fashion – requiring students to click on each thread to read posts. The visual appeal is minimal, and students do not always read the posts of others unless required.

Padlet embeds beautifully into Blackboard and offers discussions with visual appeal in a format that entices students to read the entries of others. The learning curve is minimal for instructors and students. Each Padlet takes only minutes to create and embed and students do not have to leave Blackboard to add their thoughts, pictures, videos, feedback, files, etc. Padlet can be used in small groups or as a class.

As a tool for any course, some ideas include: reflections, reviews, frequently asked questions, free writing, science discoveries, injury prevention, historical timelines, geography, etc.

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