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Blackboard Ally is making course content accessible.

Blackboard Ally is a new exciting feature that provides alternative accessibility formats for both students and instructors.

In addition to providing you with insight to your content accessibility, Ally automatically creates alternative versions of your files. This allows students to choose the type of file they want that best suits their needs. When students and instructors click the Ally icon (Image 1 below) for content items or attached files, they can download alternative formats (Image 2 below) such as audio (MP3), electronic braille, ePub, BeeLine Reader, PDF, HTML and translated version (49 languages now). Instructors can see Ally accessibility scores after they attach files (Image 3 below). The accessibility scores are determined by the severity of issues in each file. A low score indicates the file has severe or multiple accessibility issues; a high score means there are minor or no accessibility issues. For accessibility scores less than 100 percent, Ally gives detailed information on how to improve the Ally scores when they click the red, orange or light green icons. While you are in the process of improving files, students still access alternative copies. While you are in the process of improving files, students still access alternative copies.

Ally is being piloted in the current fall term. If instructors are interested in taking part in the pilot, they need to contact asktlc@ufv.ca. It will be available for all courses in the winter term. If instructors need some time to improve Ally scores for their files, they can disable Ally temporarily in each Blackboard course, via Course Management > Customization > Tool Availability.


Image 1 – Ally icon for alternative accessibility formats


Image 2 – Ally’s alternative accessibility formats



Image 3 – Ally score for instructors only


For more details about Blackboard Ally visit: https://ally.ac

Information and Training:  events.ufv.ca/tlc/ or BB Ally Intro