UFV Science Student, Ken Ku featured in UFV Today

Ken Ku, 4th-year science student featured in a recent article in UFV Today.

Ken Ku’s journey: from photography to formaldehyde

Ken Ku is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree (biology honours, chemistry minor) but that’s not where university started for him.

While Ken had a strong focus on science in high school, he was recruited to a US art school where he earned a degree in photography and print making.

“It was the right decision for me at the time and it allowed me to be a better writer.”

Recognizing that his real passion was in science, Ken returned home to Coquitlam and began his UFV journey into the sciences.

At the end of Ken’s first semester Dr. Golfam Ghafourifar, a UFV chemistry professor, was recruiting students interested in working in research.