Welcome back! Here’s what’s new around your U…

While the majority of employees and students shifted to remote work and learning over the past 18 months, plans and projects continued moving forward across UFV. As we welcome students, staff, and faculty back for the fall semester, here’s a brief look at some of the improvements made around campus (some projects might have updated […]

New tech upgrades in classrooms will transform teaching and learning at UFV

Earlier in the year, as parking lots around campus remained empty and foot traffic was sparse due to the global pandemic, a small group of technicians from UFV’s audio visual (AV) team moved purposely from classroom to classroom making significant AV technology upgrades.  Decade-old projectors were replaced by digital laser ones; touch screens with smart […]

History grad turns passion into a prestigious international essay award

Michaela Sapielak always had an affinity for buildings. Not just any buildings, but heritage ones in particular. When she looked up at the ceiling of her grade school, Dunach Elementary in Abbotsford, as a 9-year-old, she marvelled at the towering ceilings and craftsmanship of the now-defunct 19th century structure.  “There’s just something about old buildings […]

Sugar sheet initiative improves printing sustainability at UFV

In over four decades in the printing industry, Chris Joakim has witnessed plenty of  evolution. Joakim, who once worked at the Canadian Bank Note Company where he printed Canadian currency, has been around long enough to remember when industry practices were both environmental and health hazards. “The old inks were oil-based and there were some […]

COVID-19 testing ends on campus — vaccinations up next

By Mitch Huttema UFV’s support in the fight against COVID-19 is transitioning from testing to vaccination. The Fraser Health outdoor testing facility on the Abbotsford campus closed in August — coinciding with UFV’s return to campus plans. Established in May 2020 near parking lot 10 beside UFV’s Envision Athletics Centre and Student Union Building, the […]

Field research brought landscape to life for Travis Gingerich

For alumnus Travis Gingerich, his undergraduate research experiences were as much about the journey as the result. “Field-based research provided me with the chance to experience so many landscapes and remote locations that would otherwise be very difficult to get to. Once there, you get to know them on a much more intimate level than […]

Skookum magazine 2021 — Keeping In Touch — extended version

The Keeping in Touch section of UFV’s Skookum magazine features brief updates from a variety of alumni. We couldn’t fit every submission into this year’s print edition, so here’s an extended online version. Sheetal Deo (BA ’11) When Sheetal Deo (BA ’11) felt the call to become a lawyer after graduating from UFV, she headed […]