Introducing our new Program Coordinator

Welcome to our new SASI Coordinator, Hamad Nazar.

All of us the South Asian Studies Institute welcome Hamad Abdullah Nazar as the new Coordinator.  Hamad started work with us on May 14th and we look forward to working with him and for you all to meet him. Born and raised in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Hamad completed his MA in History from the University of British Columbia focusing on the historical, oral traditions of Punjab. His research interests lie in the literary and cultural histories of Urdu and Punjabi, histories of South Asian communities in Canada, and colonialism. Some of the projects he has previously worked on include: “Punjabi in B.C” (University of British Columbia), and Indigenous focused counseling and coaching services (University of British Columbia). Outside work, Hamad loves to watch and play cricket.

In the days ahead Hamad will be working in a comprehensive foundational research project on the history of South Asian Muslim Canadians in BC. He will also undertake to support student researchers as he works with them in documenting this important history through oral interviews and a new online exhibit.

Please join me in welcoming Hamad to SASI and to UFV!
Satwinder Kaur Bains, PhD, Director

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  1. Hello Hamad. A very warm welcome.
    I’m an Indian classical vocalist based in Toronto and have been practicing classical and semi classical genres of indian music for 2 and a half decades.
    I have world in SUFI saints and Punjabi poets and composed their work. I have also given numerous performances on Amir Khusrau as a part of my Ustad Amir Khan style of presentation. Im very interested to do some workshops, lec-send and concerts at your university through your department. Please let me know if we can directly talk and connect for that sometime soon. Thank you, warm regards, Ramneek Singh

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