Sikh Heritage Museum Virtual Tour

For more than 11 years, the SASI has been managing and curating exhibits at the National Historic Site of Canada, Gur Sikh Temple and Sikh Heritage Museum. We have provided tours to local community leaders, seniors group, educators, teacher education students, elementary, middle, and high school students across the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

The Sikh Heritage Museum is a site of historical significance for Sikhs in Canada, all Canadians, and Sikhs globally, and so we are delighted to share that the museum is now available globally.

Based on funding from the Heritage BC Heritage Awareness grant, the SASI has coordinated a virtual tour of the Sikh Heritage Museum. From the convenience of your home, or classroom, you are now able to ‘walk’ through the interior, the exterior, and the upstairs darbar hall space. We encourage educators to make use of this virtual tour.

To navigate the tour, please visit: