SASI Receives Shastri and Hari Sharma Grants

The SASI is pleased to announce it has been awarded two grants. The first, the Shastri Programme Development Grant (an amount of 300,000 RS) will allow the SASI  and its partner organization to  develop two workshops (Canada and India) including stakeholders including policy makers both Canadian and Indian, administrators, civil society community, researchers, managers of higher education, students, media, etc. The workshop will prepare a policy brief for the Canadian and Indian policy makers, in addition to the finalization of project report based on the conversations and ideas that take place. The Shastri Programme Development Grant (SPDG) is devised in order to encourage scholarly and professional academic activities with a view to contributing to the expansion of knowledge about India or Canada at Indian /Canadian universities that are member of the Shastri Institute.

The SASI has also received $10,000 from the Hari Sharma Foundation to continue its interview collections of Punjabi settlers across the Province. With the Hari Sharma Foundation Grant for research and publication, the SASI will use the funds to continue research and publication by collecting a further 30 interviews from Punjabi elders and early Punjabi settlers from across British Columbia. The added importance will be of accessbility and access to the stories online, which will allow the elders’ stories can be shared within the family and passed down as a family legacy for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.