Visit by Shastri Indo Canadian Institute and Lecture on Punjab Politics

On June 21st, 2017, the SASI hosted guests from the Shastri Indo Canadian Institute. Prachi Kaul discussed the opportunities available to collaborate and associate with Indian academics and Institutions through various programs governing grants/awards/fellowships by the Shastri Institute’s India Office.

The presentation was attended by UFV Admin, Faculty and SASI Faculty Associates.

During this session, visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Gurvel Singh Malhi, from the Post-Graduate Department of Political Science at Khalsa College in Amritsar offered an intriguing presentation on the issues raised, political agenda, nature of leadership, sub-regional patterns in electoral behaviour, speeches and statements, etc. in the recent Punjab elections. The talk was well received by those in attendance. Dr. Malhi was hosted during his stay by SASI Faculty Associate, Dr. John Belec from the Department of Geography and the Environment.