Nursing students present oncology health promotion and prevention strategies

UFV Nursing students recently shared their Nursing Oncology poster presentations that covered a variety of topics related to cancer prevention and early detection such as testicular self-exam, breast self-exam, colonoscopy, eye exams, genetic screening and many more.

The course (N491C – Introduction to Oncology Nursing) provides students with the opportunity to explore the area of oncology nursing at an introductory level. Case studies provide an avenue for the students to examine specific concepts within cancer care and the lived cancer experience.

This course provides senior level BSN student (Year 3 and 4) to use a variety of evaluation tools; one of the tools used is a poster presentation focusing on prevention and early detection of cancer, with the students working in small groups of 2 or 3 to create an evidence based, informative poster.

This year 13 posters were presented covering a variety of topics related to the concept of prevention and early detection.

The poster presentations allow the students to integrate theory, research and evidence into an area of oncology nursing that is vital for health promotion, and use their creative skills to promote and facilitate learning for their classmates.

Below are a sample of poster’s that were presented: