Faculty Publications & Projects | January 2024

Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • Criminology Associate Professor Dr. Jon Heidt co-authored a publication on cannabis and international criminology. Wheeldon, J., & Heidt, J. (in press). Cannabis and international criminology: Tolerance, aversion, and legal technical assistance. Crime, Law, and Social Change.
  • Criminology Assistant Professor Dr. Carlos Ponce was interviewed on December 9, 2023, by News Talk 980 CKNW to discuss the increase in extortion cases in BC. The interview highlighted current trends and patterns in extortion, different types of extortion, and its potential impact on our community.
  • Criminology Associate Professor Dr. Hayli Millar’s chapter on prosecuting trafficking in persons offences is available through Fernwood Publishing. O’Doherty, T., & Millar, H. (in press). Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons Offences: Problems and Pitfalls in the Post-PCEPA Era. In K. Roots, A. De Shalit, & E. van der Meulen (eds.), Trafficking Harms: Critical Politics, Perspectives and Experiences.
  • Criminology Associate Professor Dr. Amanda McCormick presented a webinar for the Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse (RESOLVE) Network on the topic “Enhancing System Responses to Survivors and Perpetrators of Strangulation in Intimate Partner Violence.”
    • Dr. McCormick also conducted another webinar Associate for the Connect Centre for Research on Violence and Harm at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. McCormick, A. (2023, November 8). Recognizing and Responding to Strangulation and Brain Injury Among Victims/Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.
    • She also presented “Coercive Control in Intimate Partner Relationships” at the Abbotsford ACCESS Agency Awareness and Connection Breakfast as part of the Purple Lights Nights theme on intimate partner violence.
    • Additionally, she spoke at the Be Safe, Be Well community event in Abbotsford on October 18, 2023.
  • The following Criminology professors presented papers at the latest American Society of Criminology Conference held in Philadelphia, PA:
    • Associate Professor Dr. Amanda McCormick: McCormick, A. (2023, November). Police Responses to Intimate Partner Violence with Indigenous Populations. Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, November 15-18, 2023.
    • Associate Professor Dr. Carlos Ponce: Ponce, C. (2023, November). #PunitivePopulism: An Examination of Retweet Networks That Promote Criminal Justice Abuses in El Salvador. Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, November 15-18, 2023.
    • Associate Professor Dr. Jon Heidt: Heidt, J., & Wheeldon, J. (2023, November). Cannabis Research: Criminology, Ethics, and Evidence. Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, November 15-18, 2023.
    • Associate Professor Dr. Stanislav Vysotsky: Vysotsky, S. (2023, November). Beyond Anomie: Modernizing and Applying Subculture Theory in Criminology. Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, November 15-18, 2023.
  • Criminology Assistant Professor Dr. Mark Kersten testified as part of a witness panel for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development. Dr. Kersten testified on Canada’s commitment to international law and the prosecution of international crimes.

Modern Languages

  • On January 12th, MOLA’s Department Head Dr. Alan Cameron and French Sessional Instructor Andrew Iverson visited grades 11 and 12 classes at WJ Mouat’s École Secondaire school to promote UFV’s French studies program and inform prospective students of the 10 new French entry scholarships available to them.



Political Science

  • The Political Science department organized a very successful POLITALK on November 9, 2023. They welcomed speakers from the Canadian Armed Forces, LCol Jesse van Eijk and Major Jurgen Miranda, who spoke on the topic “Canada’s land force commitment to NATO and Ukraine in Europe through Operations Reassurance and Unifier.”
  • Political Science Department Head and Associate Professor Dr. Edward Akuffo participated as a panelist in a hybrid symposium organized by the Peace and Reconciliation Centre at the University of the Fraser Valley and Utrecht University on November 28, 2023. The symposium’s theme was “Beyond Reductionism: Trans-Atlantic Perspectives on the Israel-Hamas War 2023,” Dr. Akuffo’s presentation was titled: “Israel-Hamas War and the Tragedy of International Law.”
  • Political Science Assistant Professor Dr. Noah S. Schwartz travelled to Ottawa in October to appear as an expert witness before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defense (SECD) as they studied Bill C-21.
  • Political Science Assistant Professor Dr. Simon Lambek’s article: “Comedy as Dissonant Rhetoric” was published in the November 2023 volume 49, issue 9 edition of Philosophy and Socialism Criticism.

School of Communication


  • Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA), a global initiative aligning with the United Nations’ COP meetings, involves fifty professional playwrights creating short plays on climate change. UFV Theatre participated by staging pop-up readings and performances on their Abbotsford campus, marking their third year in the event. Various classes, including Movement for Living (THEA 210), Digital Performance (THEA 311), and Acting Skills for Work and Life (THEA 111), presented movement-based works, digital performances, and staged readings, respectively, inspired by the 2023 CCTA catalogue. Notably, individuals like Taya Viger, Han Wood, Raven Turchinetz, Hazel Franklin, and Bella Dimano contributed by presenting selected pieces from the catalogue, contributing to the global dialogue on climate change awareness.