North Korea’s Current Economic Situation and Global Peace Workshop

The UFV College of Arts and the Department of Economics recently held a workshop on “North Korea’s Current Economic Situation and Global Peace”, moderated and organized by Dr. Bosu Seo.

The workshop aimed to inform Canadian mainstream society about North Korea’s fluctuating economic situation and its impact on countries around the world, including
South Korea, USA, China, Japan, and Canada. The guest speakers included Dr. Yvon Dandurand (Professor Emeritus, UFV Criminology & Criminal Justice and Ex-United Nations Office Drug and Crime Lead consultant) and Mr. Shin, Tae-Young (Representative, The National Unification Advisory Council Vancouver Chapter).

The panel members included Ms. Yoo Soon Oh (Chair, Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation), Dr. Michael Maschek (Economics, UFV), Dr. Edward Akuffo (Political science, UFV) and Dr. Steven Schroeder (Chair in the Peace and Conflict Studies program, UFV). The opening speech was initiated by Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, Dean of Arts, UFV.

The guest speakers and panel members discussed how countries such as South Korea, USA, China, Japan, and Canada can contribute to the peaceful settlement of the Korean Peninsula and peace in the world by drawing attention to the successful completion of the denuclearization talks on the Korean peninsula, and economic development plans of North Korea.

Audience members and guest speakers in the photo include: Dr. Edward Akuffo, Mr. Tae-Young Shin, Dr. Bosu Seo, Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, Dr. Yvon Dandurand, Ms. Yoo Soon Oh.