Congratulations Grads!

UFV Flickr photo of Monik Jaura – Grad 2021

In 2020 and 2021, a combined total of 5,540 students graduated from UFV in this pandemic and post-pandemic world, a world full of uncertainty and opportunity. Congratulations on helping your students graduate and better prepare them for the adventures ahead.

You have helped them build their resilience and perseverance in many ways, one being that they learn new technologies to get assignments done. Improving students’ digitally literacy may be an unintended outcome of many courses yet essential to excel in today’s online world. By simply offering to students an unfamiliar app to complete assignments helps them reach digital fluency, an essential requirement in our growing online world according to Educause’s 2021 Horizon report and numerous other reports. Let’s looks at how else students can improve their digital literacy to better prepare for their future success

2021 Educause Horizon Report