Goodbye to Kaltura Capture Space on June 30

Kaltura’s screen capture and webcam recording software, Kaltura CaptureSpace, will be upgraded to Kaltura Capture on the morning of June 30.

Kaltura Capture will be available on the afternoon of June 30 or perhaps earlier depending on the migration.

It allows both instructors and students to create various videos for mini lectures, voice over PowerPoint, presentations, demonstrations, and video assignments.


If you would like to pilot Kaltura Capture before June 30, please create an IT Service Desk ticket with attention to Gordon Jang:




If you would like to get short tutorials on Kaltura Capture, please contact Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) after getting your Kaltura Capture access.


Phone: 604-854-4546

TLC Office: G104 (MON-THU 8-5, FRI 8-4)


For more details on the migration, please click here.