CaptureSpace is being replaced July 27 2019

Why is CaptureSpace retiring?

CaptureSpace was a white labelled product provided by Kaltura to its customers. Kaltura have decided to build their own desktop recorder instead so they have more control over the functionality available.

When will CaptureSpace ‘retire’?

Support for CaptureSpace will end after the Kaltura upgrade, scheduled for July 27 2019.

Will it be replaced with another recording tool?

Yes, CaptureSpace will be replaced by the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder when Kaltura is upgraded on July 27 2019.

Can I still record using CaptureSpace after the July 27 2019 upgrade?

No, and Yes. After the July 27 2019 upgrade, users will no longer be able to open CaptureSpace from the ‘Add New’ menu in my Media in myClass or UFV Mediaspace.
However, you could still open CaptureSpace directly from your desktop and record but you will no longer be able to upload these videos directly to Kaltura from CaptureSpace.

Does the new Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder provide the same functionality as CaptureSpace?

Yes, and has some additional functionality such as the Whiteboard tool which can be downloaded as a separate file.

Can I still record PowerPoint presentations and have the slide content searchable?

Yes, except the process is even easier. You just need to hit record and start your slide deck.

Will I still be able to access my CaptureSpace recordings?

Any recording created with CaptureSpace that has been uploaded to Kaltura will remain accessible in your My Media. However, any recordings that have not been uploaded to Kaltura after CaptureSpace retires cannot be uploaded using CaptureSpace.

How can I upload videos recorded using CaptureSpace after it retires on July 27 2019?

All videos recorded using CaptureSpace are stored on your local machine. These can be uploaded directly to Kaltura from within my Media in my Class or the UFV Mediaspace by using ‘Upload Media’ option in the ‘Add New’ menu.
However, it will not be possible to upload media with multiple inputs recorded using CaptureSpace e.g. screen and webcam as one file with picture in picture after it retires.

Should I uninstall CaptureSpace?

We recommend that you upload all media to Kaltura (prior to June 30). Once the Kaltura Capture Desktop recorder is available you can uninstall CaptureSpace.

Where can I learn more?

Goodbye CaptureSpace

Contact for more information.


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