Kaltura Annual update

When: Saturday, August 22,2020 4:00 am to August 23, 2020 12:59 PM.

Impact: Users will not be able to view, upload or access Kaltura media in Blackboard (my Class) or UFV Mediaspace, or on any location where media is embedded.

*Blackboard Learn (myClass) will be available and can be accessed during the update.

What’s new with the Kaltura Upgrade

My Media
The My Media page has had some minor UI modifications, with the addition of an analytics button for each entry.
Perhaps the most useful feature has been a revamp to the Table View

Media Entry Page
UI improvements
The entry page for media items has been updated with some user interface improvements.

UFV Mediaspace: MediaSpace:

UI enhancements to the three carousel versions on the KMS home page:
● Added ‘Duration’ to all versions.
● Aligned the title text and icons. 3 home carousel versions gif
● Added ‘Watch Video’ to one of the three versions

Accessibility –
● HTML items now have unique IDs.
● Like and Play buttons on the carousel now have alternative text.
● Tabs are now correctly ordered on the Edit Entry page.

Channels – Subscription
Channel owners and managers can now share a subscription link to members via email inviting them to ‘Subscribe’. Clicking on the link and authenticating will automatically add the user as a subscriber. A channelsubscription allows members to receive email updates of new videos added to the channel.

When the Enable Subscription to channel option is checked:
• Users can copy the subscription link (as shown in the following image), and send the link to another KMS
user, that will automatically be subscribed to the channel after clicking on the link.

Kaltura Resource:

Channel Members List
The ability to download a CSV list of the channel’s users has been added, and some minor UI changes have been made. Please see Managing a Channel in Kaltura MediaSpace for more information

Channel Playlists
A new component has been applied to the workflow that enables a user to add media to a channel’s playlistdirectly from the thumbnails in the Channel Page. Please see Create and Add Media to a Channel/Media Gallery Playlist for more information.

Channel Player Set
A list of custom players can be defined for use in Channels by the KMS administrator. Once applied, the Channel owners and managers can select these players as a part of the Channel Theme tab.

Playlists have been revamped to make them more usable across both KAF and Mediaspace instances.

Some additions include:
● Ability to create new playlist from the Channel/Media Gallery header menu.
● Create playlist from channel button
● A new ‘create playlist’ button and UI changes to the playlist table on the Channel/Media Gallery editplaylist page.
● Create playlist new button and search playlists in channel edit page
● New Edit page for Channel/Media Gallery playlists.
● Create Playlist Button – This important button can be found on the top of the My Playlists page, and allows users to create a new playlist directly from the My Playlists page.
● Add-to-Playlist Component – The Add-to-Playlist component is now available in each playlist. When
editing your playlists (Personal or Channel/Media Gallery playlist) you can add content without the need
to browse for content on the site.

Personal Playlists
You can add content from My Media or from any other content that is available to you when searching for content.

Channel or Media Gallery playlists
Users will be able to add content from the category content itself, or from My Media. If content from My Media is chosen, it will be added to the playlist and also be published to the Channel or Media Gallery at the same time.

Add to Playlists Functionality
A new “Add to Playlist” button was added to My Media and single entry pages. This functionality allowsaddition/removal of content from the playlist and also allows users to create new playlists on the spot. The ability to search for playlists was also added here.

Channel Playlists Improvements
Back to Channel Button
This UX change allows a better flow for navigating from the Channel Playlist or Media Gallery Playlist back to the category page itself.

Changes to the Channel’s Playlists Table
The Channel’s Playlists table has been enhanced. All of the actions have been merged into one column called“Actions”, with tooltips for each one of the actions. The Delete icon Was changed to a Trash Can icon, and the icons have been aligned to the KMS/KAF style edit channel – playlists table

Watch Later Playlist
The Watch Later Playlist feature is available for each logged in user in their My-Playlist page. The Watch Later Playlist is used to collect content to watch later and is shared with the KMS Go application. This playlist cannot be deleted and cannot be published.


Kaltura Capture
The majority of updates to this application are to address bugs and performance issues.

New features released since the currently available version:
● Re-Upload Media – The option to re-upload a recording as a new entry has been added.
● Support for Mac OS X Catalina 10.15 – Screen inputs are now defined as the primary entry when uploaded by default.

REACHv2 Captions and Enrichment Service suite
While the core REACH services have stayed the same apart from some UI and naming changes, Kaltura have added ‘Enrichment Services’ to the offering. While these services will require some additional setup, likely with a professional services cost, they should be available within our environment post upgrade. Enrichment servicesuse a different 3rd party vendor to the Kaltura preferred Captioning provider, Verbit.

Menu Item Name Change
The Menu item name for accessing the Captioning services area within Canvas or the Teaching & Learning Media portal has changed from ‘Caption Requests’ to ‘Caption & Enrich’

Captioning Accuracy
It is possible to control the accuracy of uploaded captions via the KMC and KMS. The default accuracy for a manual caption upload is 100%.
For entries that have multiple captions for the same language, the captions that will be displayed on the player will be the captions with the highest accuracy.

KMC Caption Display
‘Captions’ Display is now available in the KMC, the option to hide/show captions while playing the video. By using
the “Display On Player” toggle button per captions (go to entry page -> captions tab).

Note: Some feature may need 3rd party providers



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