Prizes, pizza, music … oh my! Science Social 2019

Thank you to all the students, faculty and staff who made it out to the 12th Annual Science Social on September 26th. Students were able to check out the Science Clubs and Associations while enjoying some pizza, prizes and visiting with classmates and faculty.

Special thanks to the following Science Student Associations who were on hand to promote their clubs and answer questions.

Lise Nehring, BCSA President

AGUS – Association of Geography Undergraduate Students
BCSA – Biology & Chemistry Student Association
CSA – Computer Student Association
PSA – Physics Student Association
UFVWEST – UFV Women in Engineering, Science & Technology
UFV Wildlife Protection Club

Kaitlin James, SustainableUFV Student Coordinator

Thanks to the departments and organizations who joined us! Deanna Devitt from the Career Centre was ready for those burning questions on co-op, Emily Ell from Let’s Talk Science; Kaitlin James from SustainableUFV; Cheryl Van Nes, Sarah Heath and Lourdes Maria Torres Goni from Campus Recreation; Mark de Bruijin from MarkRockOn with his collection of fossils and rocks; and Aaron Levy from CIVL Radio who provided all the music for the evening;

Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science welcomed our students and introduced our new Provost-VP Academic, Dr. James Mandigo who stopped by for pizza and a visit with the students. Our MC for the evening was none other than Physics Professor, Jeff Chizma.

Rilla Apostolakis and Janice Nagtegaal

Rilla Apostolakis from the Advising Office and Janice Nagtegaal from the Dean’s Office checked in all our attendees while Math Professors, Ben Vanderlei and Robin Endelman, Science Advisor Karen Cooper and Caroline Majeau from the Dean’s Office served the pizza and Carin Bondar, Science Communicator and Biology Adjunct Professor was able to capture the fun with all the photos!

Thank you to the following UFV Science Departments for all of your prize donations!

A huge thank you to the Science Social Committee – Caroline Majeau and Janice Nagtegaal from the Faculty of Science Dean’s office; and Rilla Apostolakis and Karen Cooper from Science Advising for organizing this yearly event.

See you all again next year!

Emily Ell, UFV Let’s Talk Science Coordinator
Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science
Emma Rose & Isabelle St-Martin, UFV WEST
Sasha Tuttle, Wildlife Protection Club
Dr. Afia Raja, Geography Professor & Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science
Undergrad students, Elizabeth Nguyen and Ivneet Dhaliwal with Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science