2nd Annual Scientific Research Open House a success

Canada Education Park
February 27, 2014
4:30—7:30 PM

 Sent on behalf of Dr. Lucy Lee & Nicole Klassen

A big thank you for all who took the time out of your busy schedules
to make last night such a success! The tour and the micro lectures presentations
were fascinating. There was plenty of positive feedback from all who attended

With great appreciation,
Lucy Lee & Nicole Klassen


 ”It is generally accepted that the principal functions of a university are
education and research. While the two certainly don’t occur in equal measure at every
post-secondary Institution, there can be little doubt that the most renowned
among them have those functions firmly in place.

Research expands knowledge, both inside the institution and beyond it.
The benefits can flow to teachers and learners and to the industries and occupations
that are able to make use of their work.”

– Bryden Winsby
British Columbia Berry Grower Magazine
Volume 5 Number 1
Spring 2014


See below for the complete list of presenters and tour details!

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 Welcome and Introduction: Dean, Lucy Lee

Tour Meeting Place-Common Area: A Building


4:45 Paul Gumprich Applied science with a demonstration of the milking parlor.

5:00 Tom Baumann

Several recent projects will be highlighted. First of course the incredible new greenhouse facilities and how we will use them to do industry research with our students. Second, virus free nursery stock repository for industry use, maintained by agriculture students. Third, a collaborative effort in demonstration and research in agriculture together with Sardis Secondary School and High Road Academy. Fourth, industry research in the berry industry  Fifth, new crop research out of the Pacific Berry Resource Centre at UFV .

5:25 Renee Prasad  – CEPA 2105

Several industry-funded pest management research projects have been successfully integrated into the course work and learning outcomes for Agri 163, 203, 206 and 272. The level of student engagement with these industry funded projects has ranged from observational (trips to see field plots) to hands-on (planting plots, randomization and assignment of treatments, collecting data, literature search). Students have also participated on projects as part of practicum experience and as paid casual labour outside of class time. Examples of three industry-funded projects with varying levels of student participation will be on display in CEPA 2105.

Health Sciences


5:45 Lee-Anne Jackson
Human patient simulation (HPS), utilizing life like manikins, is a teaching strategy that is becoming increasingly popular in nursing education; however, students are often anxious during these learning events.  The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of the relationship between student learning style and student anxiety during an HPS experience.

Dental Assistants

6:05 Rosie Friesen Coordinator of the CDA program

UFV’s state of the art dental facility emulates the real working environment and houses dental office equipment such as fully-functional  dental units, radiography machines, sterilization equipment, and dental laboratory equipment. The dental clinic provides students with opportunities to practice their dental skills  beginning on a mannequin, then on each other and finally on the general public. Come see where your dental professionals are preparing for practice.

Kinesiology & Physical Education department

6:15 Jason Brandenburg

Understanding how the environment influences exercise performance

Tour the UFV Human Performance Centre and view the environmental chamber to learn more about altitude may affect performance.

 Micro Lectures – Gathering Hall 6:30 – 7:30pm

Eric Gerbrandt – Agriculture

Research at UFV’s Pacific Berry Resource Centre and the Agriculture Technology Department focuses on providing: (1) real-world answers to production challenges experienced by local growers; (2) innovations that will improve the bottom-line; and (3) access to the genetics and technology that will improve the competitiveness of Canadian agriculture in the global marketplace.  Industry collaboration, direction and funding ensure that the benefits of this research are community, meaningful and long-term.  Augmenting its teaching role, this work helps UFV stand out in its key position as a support to the local agriculture industry.

Jason Brandenburg—Kinesiology and Physical Education

Beet root juice supplementation does not improve exercise performed in hot conditions. The ingestion of concentrated beet root juice prior to exercise does not improve cycling performance or temperature regulation during exercise.

Dawna Williams –Nursing

A Comparison of Learner Experience and Academic Achievement in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program with Three-year Fast Track and Four-year Options

The purpose of this longitudinal correlational study is to describe and compare the academic achievement and perception of learner experience of baccalaureate nursing students progressing through the three-year and four-year program options. Qualitative and quantitative data for this study is collected through a series of focus groups, interviews and online questionnaires at specific intervals through the students’ three or four year educational experience. It is anticipated that the study’s outcomes will enhance the learning environment for students in both options, improving their academic outcomes and experience.

Shelley Canning  – Nursing

Inter-disciplinary, inter-generational, community engaged research project. This collaborative project includes nursing and kinesiology students and was centred on a ballet class with school aged children and residents in a long-term residential care facility. The relationship that developed between the dancers, and the changes in the attitudes of the children towards the residents, will be presented.

Maggie Theron and Renette Aubin Boisclair—Nursing

Impact of Hearing Voices Simulation on Practice

Maggie Theron and Karmjit Sandu—Nursing (a collaboration between UFV and Fraser Health)

Reduction of Perineal Pain after Vaginal Birth with Black Tea: Pilot Randomized  Study

UFV Undergraduate Research Student Presentations

Genevieve St.Martin, Tiffany Turner, Alison Dube—Biology Research Students
James Bedard, supervisor

Evidence-based manual annotation of the Drosophila biarmipes dot chromosome through comparative genomics

The goal of this research was to annotate specific regions of the Drosophila biarmipes dot chromosome.  This was achieved in collaboration with the Genomics Education Partnership of Washington University in St. Louis.  Drosophila melanogaster was used as a reference species to annotate contiguous sequences through comparative genomics.

Matthew Hanson—CIS Research Student
Dan Harris, supervisor

Citizen Reporting using Two Way Texting: In 2012, the Abbotsford Police Department came up with the idea of setting up a two way texting (SMS) platform whereby citizens in the community could contact the police in Abbotsford for non-emergency calls. This platform would allow citizens in the Abbotsford community the ability to converse with call taking and dispatch staff at the police department in regards to “not in progress” crimes.


¨ Post-Harvest Beet Disease Survey: Addressing Industry Needs. Achieving Academic Outcomes.  Renee Rasad, Ph.D.

¨ “Evidence-based manual annotation of the Drosophila biarmipes dot chromosome through comparative genomics”  Genevieve St.Martin, Tiffany Turner, Alison Dube—Biology Research Students