greenSPEAK seminar: Daniela Elza – March 11

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Daniela Elza

Through the poetry of the world: Toward an Ecology of Being

Tues, Mar 11

3:30 pm

Abbotsford Campus, B101


Daniela Elza has lived on three continents and crossed numerous geographic, cultural and semantic borders. Her work has appeared nationally and internationally in over 80 publications. Daniela’s poetry collections are: “the weight of dew” (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2012), “the book of It” (2011) and most recently “milk tooth bane bone” (Leaf Press, 2013) of which David Abram says: “Out of the ache of the present moment, Daniela Elza has crafted something spare and irresistible, an open armature for wonder.”  Daniela earned her doctorate in Philosophy of Education from Simon Fraser University and is at present the Writer-In-Residence at the University of the Fraser Valley.

In this poetic exploration I would hope to entice you into a perspective of nature, place, environment, through the poetic consciousness. We do not all have to write poetry but we have to live and think poetically. The good news is that we all can.  Regardless of whether  you are in Biology, Geography, Environmental Studies, English, Creative Writing, Communications, Languages,  Anthropology, etc  bring your questions, quandaries and curiosities. Or just bring your ear and enjoy what you hear.

“As a shore is a kind of a line, and as a line (of verse) can shore up our knowledge of a place, these poems render their setting all the more palpable for their attention to the effects of language upon experience. The paradox is one that has preoccupied modern philosophy at least since Nietzsche, and Elza is a most philosophic traveller, leaving the place she has visited not untouched but illuminated.”  Dr. Hilary Turner, UFV

—Dr. Hilary Turner teaches English and Rhetoric at the University of the Fraser Valley.


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