SASI Nominates UFV Students for Scholarship

The SASI is pleased to share the names of two UFV students who were recipients of this years’ HSBC Endowment Award. The scholarship – provided to a student who has done work in connection to South Asian studies was awarded to Tanveer Saroya and Tricia Jensen.

Tanveer Saroya, a UFV History student engaged in a directed studies project focused on local Abbotsford historical newspapers and archives that help chart local histories of racism and white supremacy as well as the opposition to white racism mounted by Chinese and Sikh settler communities here in the valley. Some of this research was recently presented at the 2021 BC Studies conference on a panel entitled: “Abbotsford, the KKK, and Undoing White-Washed Histories.” He has served on various university-wide committees, such as the SAC for the university’s new EDI Director and as the student assistant for the Race and Anti-Racism Network (RAN). Tanveer successfully presented his community-engaged research in many formats to broader local and regional audiences on numerous occasions this past academic year.

Tricia Jensen, according to her instructor Dr. Prabhjot Parmar, displayed a “transformative act of sharing understanding of history and diasporic experiences of characters and then applying to develop a better understanding of people and circumstances emerged in her engagement with partition and Komagata Maru incident as studied in ENG 384 and 369. Her analysis of “fathers” in The Palace of Illusions was presented in an engaging seminar in ENG 384. She also focused effectively on coherent argument and engaged with textual, cultural, and theoretical evidence to make her case—in seminars and written analysis/research.”

Congratulations to both Tanveer and Tricia.