Canada-India Partnership Development Chair Updates

Dr. Jon Thomas, BC Regional Innovation Chair (UFV) has also been appointed as the Director, the Esposito Family Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (EFCIE) at UFV. The Esposito Family Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (EFCIE) is a new research hub at the University of the Fraser Valley working to foster an inclusive, vibrant, and resilient space for innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives for the UFV and Fraser Valley communities. Dr. Thomas is using his expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship to support the business and economic development mandate of the Chair. He is building partnerships and attracting researchers across various departments at UFV, industry mentors and experts from across the Lower Mainland, and leading scholars from the top-ranked research institutions in India.

EFCIE’s activities include research, course development, and mentoring both students and local entrepreneurs. EFCIE emphasizes community outreach through events and projects that explore the interactions between technology, innovation, and society. This connection between innovation and society is in fact a unique aspect of the Centre. The understanding that innovative technologies impact society and society in turn shapes technological progress guides the research and activities at EFCIE.


Dr. Thomas continues his work with student research assistants on patenting in the Fraser valley, and examining how cities can implement innovative technologies to improve the quality of life of their residents. His research is impacting science commercialization training through the Mitacs Invention to Innovation (i2I) Skills Training program to train graduate scientists and engineers across Canada.