Instructional Skills Workshop Co-Facilitated by UFV Chandigarh Instructor

Monica Sachdeva, Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce & Management at UFV’s Chandigarh campus co-facilitated the Instructional Skills Workshop held at UFV’s Abbotsford campus in May, 2016. Dr. Sachdeva was joined by David Tickner, Faculty Development Consultant and Trainer.

The success of this FDW was a direct result of the teachers’ engagement, commitment to the teaching models, and their active participation and support of one another’s skill development. In addition, participants commented positively on the teamwork and collaboration which developed during the ISW and which they wished to continue to develop in the coming weeks and months of work together.

The purpose of the FDW is to provide the foundational theory and skill development required to conduct an Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). Participants of the FDW will have previously completed an ISW. While the facilitator skills acquired in an FDW can be transferred to a variety of situations, the FDW is specific to the ISW and related activities and is not intended to provide training in more general facilitation skills.

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is an internationally recognized peer-based faculty development program with a 35 year history. The ISW is designed as a professional development activity for both new and experienced faculty.

The overall purpose of the ISW is to help participants develop increased competence and confidence as facilitators of learning and to provide resources to assist individuals to become more reflective teaching practitioners.

The ISW provides each participants with an opportunity to enhance his or her teaching practice through the delivery of three 10 minute mini-lessons. The instructors practice their teaching skills, try out new teaching methods, and explore rationales for delivery of learner-centred teaching methods. Participants receive oral, and written feedback on their mini-lessons from their peers and from the ISW Facilitators regarding their teaching strengths and areas for development. They also receive a video recording of their three mini lessons.

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