India Chapter of CICS at Chandigarh UFV campus

In January 2014, the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies opened its India Chapter located at the UFV  Campus in Chandigarh. The aim of the CICS India Chapter is to facilitate research, programming as well as student engagement and mentoring similar to what is done in the Canadian CICS Chapter. The coordinator of the CICS India Chapter, Mr. Sanjeev Singh has been very busy engaging in various projects including: identifying centers and schools of higher learning that have connections with Canada and becoming acquainted with the contents of  the various MOUs  that CICS and University of the Fraser Valley have with various universities. The CICS hopes to continue to build on the ties which were started when UFV President Vice-Chancellor and President Dr. Mark Evered and Associate VP Academic Dr. Peter Geller signed an MOU with the University in December 2013. In addition to current relationships with partners in Northern India, the CICS will work toward establishing new research related relationships with Universities and organizations in the North. New initiatives include: student internships, faculty exchanges, symposiums and study tours. The Coordinator of the CICS India Chapter can be reached at