Dr. Wendy Burton, Director of Teaching and Learning Engages in Faculty Training at SD College, Chandigarh

The Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies presented a faculty development opportunity for SDCC College in Chandigarh by sending Dr. Wendy Burton to spend five days to work with faculty by offering a four-hour faculty development workshop to 30 faculty members each day between April 27-May 3.

Working with Ms. Monica Sachdeva, UFV SDCC Coordinator; Sanjeev Singh, Administrative Officer, UFV India; and Gurneet Anand, Associate Director, UFV India, Wendy created Effective Teaching in Higher Education, a workshop that covered topics such as the student centred – teacher centred curriculum; active engagement; teaching and learning styles; self-appraisal; effective lesson planning, and planning effective evaluation.  Using a model that was at times teacher-centred and at times participant-centred; the level of discussion was very high.

145 faculty members from SD College as well as UFV Chandigarh attended the workshops over the five days. Feedback during the sessions and after were positive, with faculty reporting the workshop was “highly informative and educative and are looking forward to such more sessions.” The media covered the event, and news reports, with pictures, appeared in many prominent newspapers.

The President and other dignitaries of SD College met with Wendy, and they were astute, encouraging, and appreciative of the initiative taken by CICS/UFV.

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