CICS Hosts Lecture on Male Perpetrators of Partner Violence

Gary ThandiThe Centre for Indo Canadian Studies hosted a lecture titled “This is a Man’s Problem: strategies for working with south asian male perpetrators of intimate partner violence.” The lecture was based on a report done by Gary Thandi (MSW) who was on hand to present the findings and engage in some very meaningful dialogues and discussions. Gary’s research presented the perspective of 17 front-line practitioners who, together, have more than 200 years of direct experience working with South Asian male perpetrators of intimate partner violence or their families. All the research participants – psychologists, program managers and counsellors, police and probation officers – are members of South Asian communities in the Lower Mainland. They emphasize that men are responsible for the violence they perpetrate. No one excuses them – their choice to perpetrate violence has resulted in significant physical, emotional and psychological harm not only to their wives but also to their children, their extended family and their communities. The research participants make it clear that men born in Canada – second generation South Asian men – while different from their fathers are often raised with many of the same cultural patterns of behavior and belief.

The lecture was well attended by community social service providers, UFV students, faculty and staff.