Satwinder Gill goes to India for an internship

Satwinder Gill

Satwinder Gill, an avid student volunteer at CICS and a General Studies student at UFV was very excited when he found out that he had been accepted to go on an internship to India for 3 months. He went to work on a project funded by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute. He spent 3 months in Janta colony, Chandigarh, Punjab working on an Urban Gardening Development Project. This project involved motivating people living in the janta colony near Chandigarh to grow vegetables on their roof tops and to adopt urban micro-agriculture practices. Satwinder Gill worked along with Dr. Dhian Kaur from Panjab University’s Geography department and they chose 40 houses amongst the population of 10,000 for participation in the project. Satwinder had a wonderful and fulfilling time working with the people in Janta Colony and he suggests that students should look out for such wonderful opportunities as this is a great learning experience.

Fruits and vegatables planted by the volunteers