Kinesiology day showcases student engagement and healthy living

From health-related physical activity to exercise physiology — biomechanics and beyond — the field of kinesiology is full of opportunities to explore.

On Oct 19, the Kinesiology Student Association organized the second annual Kinesiology Day (aka Kin Day) bringing together students, faculty, and staff to explore various aspects of the field of kinesiology.

“This event is designed to provide students with an immersion into the world of kinesiology that extends beyond the classroom,” says Mia Harries, a third-year kines student and president of the Kinesiology Student Association.

“It is a great opportunity to bring our kinesiology community together in an interactive and informative full-day event.”

Kinesiology Day kicked off with a panel of guest speakers, each representing a range of health-related careers that helped to provide a holistic view of health and wellness within the field.

Based on initial student reactions, Harries indicated that students really enjoyed the balance between the social components of the event while still getting valuable info pertaining to their future career opportunities.

Being kinesiology day, it was fitting that students got active, taking activities both indoors and out.

In the lab, student volunteers tested their peers through fitness exercises and view live demonstrations of VO2 max testing.

Kinesiology faculty members presented on research projects, highlighting the research taking place here at UFV, but also demonstrating areas of research for student to potentially pursue.

As Harries explained, it was a great opportunity to see a glimpse of the various areas of research within kinesiology.

In the outdoors, students participated in interactive games that focused on healthy movement, integrating classroom knowledge about the power of play into real-life scenarios.

“Kinesiology day is an excellent opportunity to showcase a diverse range of opportunities which can stem from a degree in kinesiology,” explains associate professor Alison Pritchard Orr,  faculty lead for Kinesiology Day.

“The Kinesiology Student Association deserves recognition for organizing this event, which provided all of our Kinesiology students with the opportunity to connect with faculty and experts in a fun and informative atmosphere.”

In only the second year, the event has developed and will continue to do so as planning new ideas for next year has already commenced.

A special mention goes out the Kinesiology faculty and the students who took the time to volunteer throughout the day.