A New Perspective for a Decades-Old Display: The SASI and RBCM Partnership Making Strides

(Taken from the official RBCM Press Release) March 05, 2018  A new perspective for a decades-old display  VICTORIA, BC–The Royal BC Museum has drawn upon interviews with Punjabi Canadian loggers and millworkers, enhancing the logging display in the Becoming BC Gallery with their recollections about immigration, work and life in BC. Although Indigenous peoples and … Read more

Grant Successes and Recognition for the SASI

The SASI has been awarded two grants to begin the 2018 year in relation to its work with the Sikh Heritage Museum,  a National Historic Site, Gur Sikh Temple. The first is the BC Arts Council Professional Project Assistance: Museums and Visual Arts Organizations for the upcoming Sikh Heritage Museum exhibit titled Desis in the Diaspora. The … Read more

Faculty Development at St. Bede’s College, Shimla

UFV’s MoU with St. Bede’s College in Shimla received a boost when Satwinder Bains, Director of SASI was invited by Principal Sister Beena to speak with students and faculty. Satwinder presented a seminar to students about learning to learn and the vibrant paradigms of curriculum design. Students were keen to discuss their interest in becoming … Read more