Our Students Say Thank You to TLC

UFV Learning Designers (from left to right) Soowook Kim, Ken Harmel and Dugg Steary

My name is Paige Riddell and I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student at UFV. I am also a peer tutor at UFV’s Academic Success Centre!

I wanted to thank you and the Teaching and Learning Centre team for really making a difference in my learning at UFV this past summer semester. With the COVID-19 pandemic and UFV’s switch to remote learning, I was very worried that I would not feel that I was getting as much out of my education as I do with on-campus learning. To my surprise, I had one of the most enjoyable and meaningful semesters of my entire time at UFV this summer.

Two of my professors in particular shared with the class that they had been working closely with the TLC to make sure our online classes were going well. I enjoyed both of those classes so much, and I really felt that the professors were implementing some very creative and effective teaching strategies and tools that made learning fun and meaningful. I have no doubts that the TLC had a lot to do with this.

My professor Dr. Corman worked closely with the TLC in developing our final exam, and I must tell you that it was the most enjoyable final exam I have ever written. An enjoyable final exam… who knew it was possible?! I really felt that the process of writing that exam was very meaningful and really allowed me to demonstrate my learning in a very creative way.

Thank you for all that you and the TLC team do in order to make sure that UFV students get the most out of their education. I promise you that students are reaping the benefits of this hard work.

All the best,

Paige Riddell