Instructor and Tech Success Story – Ted Zak Offers Students Classroom Captures

EdTech in Action: Ted Zak offers students classroom captures

When you introduce a new teaching tool into your everyday teaching and students can’t stop asking for more then you know you’re on to something, and Ted Zak, Carpentry instructor, is definitely on to something with his classroom capture.

Ted has found a need to record his classes because of his students’ diversity in prior knowledge and level of confidence in the material, which is inherent in every classroom of course. Ted records his screen as he discusses new concepts. He uses his document camera (Elmo), PowerPoints and he could even record a student-centered activity. Students can then review the lesson anywhere and at their own pace.

The beauty here is that it takes very little additional effort to offer these recordings to students. The process of capturing your classroom is simple, and the benefits are great.

Students have the luxury of putting down their pens, stop taking notes and really focusing on the content being delivered or fully engage in a classroom activity. Students with accessibility issues? It’s all online so lessons can be close captioned.

The trades move at a rapid pace and missing one day is missing one day too many. Students have valid reasons to miss a class, but it’s difficult to ensure they have been adequately brought up to speed. Now it’s all online so they don’t miss a thing.

The technology is ready to go. This style of review material will help increase the success of each student.

really wish I had this in my college accounting classes ages ago.

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