UFV Today: Outstanding Student Leadership Award – Biology Major Manjot Benning

A student would have to be really outstanding to be the first-ever winner of the UFV Alumni Association’s Outstanding Student Leader award. 

Manjot Benning fits the bill, and then some! 

She’s graduating this June with top marks in her Bachelor of Science degree program, with sights set on medical school applications in the future. She’s a straight-A biology major with a near-perfect 4.15 GPA and has been on the UFV Science Dean’s list since December 2019. 

But it’s for her activity outside the classroom that the Alumni Association is choosing to honour her with its inaugural award. 

Manjot is such a deeply involved UFV student that it’s hard to find an activity or organization related to her studies that she is not involved with and excelling at. 

She is vice-president of the UFV Women in Science and Technology club, sits on the Senate budget committee, and has served as a UFV Lead student mentor, and a wellness peer leader. 

She has also worked in paid positions that help UFV students and the next generation. She’s been a Supported Learning Group leader (supporting first-year students in introductory calculus courses) and a Science Rocks summer day camp leader.