Abbotsford Traditional School visits UFV for a science filled morning

On behalf of Let’s Talk Science and the Faculty of Science at UFV, Dr. Ian Affleck, Associate Dean of Science welcomed 115+ grade 8 students and their teachers from the Abbotsford Traditional School for a UFV Super Science Samper on February 21st. Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science also welcomed the group and encouraged the students to be sure to take it all in.

Throughout the morning, the students rotated through different activities hosted by each of our science departments.

Agriculture TechnologyRenee Prasad, Department Head, and her team of student volunteers from the AGRI 371 class.
“Cricket burgers? Mealworm tacos?”
The students explored ways that insects are used as a food source around the world and learned about the nutritional and environmental benefits of incorporating insects into our diets. For the extra curious, they could taste a chocolate “chirp” cookie!

BiologyAlan Reid, Natallia Varankovich, Jesper Johansen, Jennifer Barrett, Shannon Guichon, and Daylan Pritchard
“What makes something living?”
Students investigated the characteristics of life while observing a variety of organisms, including bioluminescent bacteria, pond scum and/or moss inhabitants, plants and plant cells, fungi, and a diversity of insects.

Chemistry Pedro Montoya-Pelaez and Grant Fritzke
“Application of Ideal Gas Law to improving an air cannon”
Students were given the opportunity to test their understanding of the ideal gas law. Different variables were considered (T, V, n and P) to improve the ability of an air cannon to deliver a projectile to target.

School of Land Use and Environmental Change Talha Qadri, Carin Bondar, and Maria Schaarschmidt
“Natural Hazards and Hollywood”
Students learned about the natural hazards in Abbotsford through visual effects.

Physics Lin Long, Department Head and Tim Cooper, Professor Emeritus
“Artificial lightning in the lab and more”
Students experienced electricity, electronics, and particles.

Thank you to all of our faculty, staff and student volunteers for making the day’s event a huge success!

Global and CTV News was onsite, check out the news below!

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Science Sampler with ATS ~ 2023