From Science to Politics with Canadian Senator Rosa Galvez

The Faculty of Science was pleased to welcome Canadian Senator, Dr. Rosa Galvez as part of the Dean’s Seminar Series.  Her pre-recorded presentation was followed by a live Question and Answer period held virtually on November 12th. Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of Science had the pleasure of introducing Her Honour to our UFV community. Watch the Question and Answer Period.

Senator Galvez shared her story of growing up in Peru and how her path led her to Canada where she completed her PhD in Environmental Engineering from McGill University and became a professor at Université Laval in Quebec in 1994. Passionate about the diffusion of knowledge and the inclusion of science in decision-making, she decided to bring her wealth of knowledge to the Senate of Canada where she now has a direct impact on legislation. Senator Galvez focuses much of her parliamentary work on issues such as climate change, social inequalities, sustainable finance and economy, and environmental legislation.

She discussed challenges and barriers that not only women but this generation as a whole face. She encouraged students to step outside of their comfort zone and take it as an opportunity to learn.

I’m like the salmon swimming against the current, it makes me stronger!

Since her appointment to the Senate in 2016, she hopes to act as a bridge between science and decision-making.

On November 10 her office released a paper titled Building Forward Better: A Clean and Just Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic which offers 11 recommendations to guide Canada in a clean and just recovery for the pandemic. To find out more, please visit:

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