Delegation from Fukagawa, Hokkaido, Japan visit the Faculty of Science – Oct 2019

Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of the Faculty of Science at UFV welcomed delegates from Abbotsford’s sister city, Fukagawa, Japan on October 1, 2019. They were accompanied by Aird Flavelle, member of the Green Party of BC.

The City of Abbotsford currently has one official Sister City Relationship with the City of Fukagawa, Hokkaido, Japan (“Fukagawa”); this relationship was formalized on May 13, 1998.


Fukagawa (Fukagawa-shi) is a city located in Sorachi, Hokkaidō, Japan. As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 24,448 and the density of 50.36 persons per km². The total area is 529.12 km². The city was founded on May 1, 1963.

Hokkaido was the last refuge of the Ainu people. Most place names are of Ainu origin, but few people speak the old Ainu language. After World War I, the Japanese Government encouraged farmers to settle in Hokkaido. Most of those early settlements failed due in part to their isolation and reliance on outmoded wet-rice cultivation practices. Abandoned farmhouses can still be seen in the uncultivated areas of the countryside.

Hokkaido’s climate can be compared to most of Canada. July and August are generally mild with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high 20s. September and October are the autumn months; however; leaves start to turn colour in late August at the higher elevations. November and December are early winter with temperatures around freezing levels and snow. January and February bring snow that stays on the ground until late March or early April when temperatures rise above zero. May and June is Spring: variable weather; windy; frequent rain; and the cherry blossom season.