SustainbleUFV News! Summer 2019


Your interest and participation in on-campus sustainability projects and programs provided a launching point for this game-changing initiative. Plastic bag distribution is gone because you care!

Bag-be-Gone says, we can be successful without needlessly impacting our learning, working, and living environments.

At the Bookstore you’ll find that recyclable paper bags have replaced disposable plastics, so when it comes to discard the bag there are 200+ mixed recycling bins you can utilize at UFV, or, your curbside recycling, or the recycling bins in your apartment building. Easy.

SustainableUFV participant and student extraordinaire, Taylor Breckles, was instrumental in keeping this initiative going. Congratulations Taylor on your success!

Student Sustainability Coordinator(s)

Campus Planning and Facilities Management is hiring two students to lead SustainableUFV engagements, communications, and program development and delivery. Starting in September, these 10h/wk roles are flexible to ensure the students have success in their academics and other interests.

If you know of any passionate, outgoing, sustainability-minded students, please encourage them to apply the role through the Career Centre’s CareerLink – or email a resume and cover letter to

Posting closes late on August 13th.


Trike Share

The Trike Share Program is ready for riders! Head on down to (Abbotsford Campus) B150 and take the shiny red trike for a spin around campus, through the farmlands, or over the Salton Bridge.

At B150e you will find:

  • A trike & lock
  • Helmets
  • Terms of Use
  • Waiver
  • Sign-in-Sign-out form

Details will be posted on the page in the next day or two.

Happy relaxing. Happy riding.

So, what’s next? Send your comments, concerns, and bright ideas to