Dr. Lucy Lee’s fish cell lines are solving environmental problems and inspiring new food sources – Skookum Magazine ~ Spring 2019

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As one of the top fish-cell-culturists in the world, Dr. Lucy Lee’s work is making a big splash in several areas of science including toxicology, nutrition, conservation, and medicine!

Skookum – Celebrating the best of the University of the Fraser Valley

Spring 2019 | VOL 9


By Greg Laychak

Dr. Lucy Lee is in demand.

She’s on the phone, walking down the hall near her UFV office arranging a trip to New Zealand, having just returned from San Francisco. There’s an email from Chile in her inbox. Is she going to Japan in a few weeks? There’s also that shipment that needs to get on its way to Austria.

This is normal for Lee, as is apparent by her calm demeanor while she juggles all of these possibilities with a smile.

What is less ordinary is the reason she’s shuffling these various international to-dos.

In addition to her regular duties as the Dean of the Faculty of Science at UFV, Lee offers a growing global clientele something that is itself literally multiplying.


Dr. Lucy Lee’s Research Student, Brenna Hay