SustainableUFV Spring Newsletter

Spring has officially sprung! These past few days have greeted us with clear blue skies and beautiful rays of sun light. Now that the temperature is steadily increasing, we are all probably more inclined to spend time adventuring and enjoying our beautiful planet.

Taking this into consideration, I decided that this is the perfect opportunity to create a list of reminders on how to stay sustainable during these spring/summer months.

  1. Sustainable straws and utensils. I keep these with me at all times in a cloth pouch. Although I prefer to prepare meals in advance, it’s always good to have this handy if you spontaneously grab a bite to eat (or if you are really craving an iced capp).
  2. Plastic bags for recycling and landfill. Last summer I was horrified to see an abundance of cans and bottles at many of my favourite lakes and beaches. Having plastic bags on you will not only come in handy for yourself and your friends, but possibly for the people around you as well.
  3. Alternative transportation. This one is ideal if you are spending the day somewhere relatively close in the community. It’s time to dust off our bikes, blades, and boards!
  4. If you and your friends plan on spending the day somewhere further away, why not all hop in one car? You will save gas, reduce the amount of cars on the congested roads, and have lots of fun. The best memories always happen on the ride there, am I right?
  5. Reusable water bottles. I cannot stress this one enough. As the heat increases, so does our risk for dehydration. You will never regret having a bottle of water on hand. Plus, stainless steel bottles keep my drinks nearly at their intended temperature for hours.
  6. Supporting local and sustainable business. Especially for food. Small businesses that support sustainability by encouraging reusable containers or providing compostable packaging should be rewarded for their efforts. The best way to grow the amount of businesses with these values is to support the existing ones in our community.

Sustainable News

On Friday, March 15th the School of Business hosted the Sustainability Case Competition. This year’s theme: “A Zero Waste World.” Students were given half a day to address issues regarding waste reduction by giving recommendations in a presentation. All teams performed excellently and had some very relevant suggestions that could be implemented in the community.

For fall 2019, UFV will be introducing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies program. This is a perfect opportunity for those who are interested in Sustainability and would like to explore careers in that field. The urgency for a more sustainable world is rapidly increasing. WorkBC states that occupations in the environmental field are expected to increase with 13,550 job openings by 2025.

Sharisse Birk, BBA Student
Student Sustainability Coordinator
University of the Fraser Valley

When we know better, we do better.