Looking ahead: Sustainable plans for the months beyond!

Sustainable UFV has a few exciting plans up their sleeve for the months ahead. More will surely come with a new Student Sustainability Coordinator at the helm as well!

  • EnergyWise Network: We’re back with BC Hydro for another year of EnergyWise. Through this program, we receive coaching and financial support to achieve greater energy efficiencies. Next year includes:
    • Hot water usage campaign in Baker House
    • Sustainability Challenge
    • Sweater Week
  • CleanO2 Carbon Capture: we have received confirmation that we will be part of the first wave ever of carbon capture technology on institutional buildings from CleanO2! This innovative technology pulls heat and carbon out of emissions from the natural gas boilers that we use for heating. This increases the thermal efficiency of our equipment, and the carbon is sequestered instead of ending up in our atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. If this isn’t cool, I don’t know what is!
  • TTC at CEP is going LED! The Trades building at CEP is getting a refit of all their interior lighting to more energy efficient LEDs. Not only do these draw less power, but they last over 3 times as long as traditional lighting options. This is a tremendous way to both reduce our energy consumption as well as our waste!
  • Work Study September 2018: Sustainable Transportation Project: We are in the planning stages for hiring a work study student to take on a specific project regarding sustainable transportation. This focused job is specifically designed to develop and implement an initiative to do with sustainable transportation. More details to follow, but keep students in mind for this engaging opportunity!

Please contact Travis Gingerich if you have any questions about any of our initiatives going forward, or if you have any suggestions about what else we could be doing at UFV to become more sustainable.